clarks creek is to be preserved and enhanced
clarks creek is to be preserved and enhanced

The mission of the Clarks Creek Watershed Preservation Association, Inc. (CCWPA), is to preserve, protect and enhance the environmental integrity of Clarks Creek, and to advocate the conservation and sustainability of its natural resources while promoting restoration and safety within the watershed.

In the spring of 2010, Michael Yanchuk, at that time the Watershed Specialist with the Dauphin County Conservation District, decided to see if enough interest existed in and about Clarks Creek to create a "Watershed Preservation Association" — a group that would engender local efforts to protect the creek, to clean up pollution, and to help maintain the delicate balance between landowners, creek enthusiasts, Dauphin County, the owners/operators of DeHart Reservoir and Dam, and the City of Harrisburg.

After many meetings, a core group of landowners, sportsmen and friends of Clarks Creek successfully created such an organization — the Clarks Creek Watershed Preservation Association, Inc.

We love our creek! Much of it is still pristine — surrounded by natural areas and teeming with a wide variety of plants and animals. We need to keep it that way, protected by a combination of watchful citizens and responsible laws.

But we know that our watershed is threatened. Development threatens to send runoff into Clarks Creek and its tributaries. A warming climate has brought invasive insect and plant species into the watershed. Even DeHart Dam and Reservoir, long a bastion of solidity and stability both physically and organizationally, may come under stress from natural causes and from changes in its stewardship (it is now owned and operated by the Capital Region Water Authority).

We hope this web site provides a good introduction to our efforts to preserve, protect and enhance our creek and its watershed. Please consult our ACTIVITIES page for a list of upcoming meetings and activities.

For a PDF "Quick View" of Clarks Creek and its essential data, select this link.

For Clarks Creek Watershed Coldwater Conservation Plan (2012), a detailed study with maps, charts, water quality testing results, and more, select this link.

For a PDF "Fact Sheet" about the CCWPA, select this link.

For information on how to JOIN the CCWPA, select this link!

Questions & Answers About Water Conservation:
As we've seen from devastating events all over the world (notably in the United States and Australia), responsible water conservation is more critical than ever to protect the planet from catastrophic droughts and wildfires.

See our RESOURCES PAGE for valuable advice on how to conserve water, in our Clarks Creek watershed, and everywhere.

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