clarks creek is to be preserved and enhanced
clarks creek is to be preserved and enhanced

The mission of the Clarks Creek Watershed Preservation Association (CCWPA) is to preserve, protect and enhance the environmental integrity of Clarks Creek, and to advocate the conservation and sustainability of its natural resources while promoting restoration and safety within the watershed.

How to Join the CCWPA

We welcome your membership and your participation! Our Association has been organized to operate exclusively for charitable purposes, including but not limited to the promotion of good stewardship of the waters and natural resources in the Clarks Creek watershed.

The Association will focus on projects and community partnerships that facilitate education, restoration and enhancement of the watershed, and it will actively solicit input, support and involvement from citizens, businesses, non-profit affiliations, farmers and local, county, state and federal government entities.

There are THREE classes of membership:

Individual Membership: $15 per year
Business Membership: $100 per year
Lifetime Membership: $100

Please see the By-Laws for obligations and privileges of membership!

To download a PDF of the Membership Application form, select this link.

For more information on Dauphin County and its many watersheds, including of course the Clarks Creek watershed, please contact:

Robert Frank, Watershed Resource Specialist
Dauphin County Conservation District
1451 Peters Mountain Rd.
Dauphin, PA 17018
Phone: (717) 921-8100
Fax: (717) 921-8276

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